Isla Verde Beach, San Juan- Playground of the Chic

Isla Verde Beach is actually a series of beaches which are grouped together. They stretch for miles and miles in front of posh resorts and luxury high rise residential apartments, guest houses, restaurants, night clubs, private mansions and even border a cemetery.

For the residents of San Juan, the Isla Verde Beach is not too far to travel to enjoy an extravagant tropical day at the beach. Isla Verde Beach is a place were people meet with family and friends to share their picnic snacks, read their favorite books and just soak up the sun. The more adventurous people go parasailing, waterskiing, surfing, body boarding and jet skiing or participate in one of the many beach and water sports offered by the hotels and seaside shops. Isla Verde Beach is generally a tranquil place, but it can become very busy and sometimes crowded on weekends and during the summer.

There is no shortage of eateries and entertainment facilities in and around Isla Verde Beach. Numerous hotels, restaurants, seaside shops and take away shops provide the perfect opportunity to satisfy your appetite while local bars and night clubs offer superb cocktails and sundowners - including the best pina colada on the island.

Isla Verde Beach caters to every mood. Visitors can either enjoy a tranquil sea side stroll or they can fulfill every entertainment need imaginable. When you combine this idyllic beach setting with the sounds of laughter and friends and family, you will find that the Isla Verde Beach is the perfect place to spend your next family vacation.


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helen - 2011-03-24 16:55:07

I suggest the Intercontinental hotel on La Isla Verde. Pools, Hot Tubs and a beautiful beach.
is the price good for a vacation package deal is that what you got food good

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Ingrid Hassang - 2011-02-25 18:32:52

I suggest the Intercontinental hotel on La Isla Verde. Pools, Hot Tubs and a beautiful beach.

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Sarah Fedele - 2011-01-28 13:50:14

I'm having a hard time picking between three hotels. The El san Juan Hotel, San Juan Water and Beach Hotel, And La Concha Hotel. Does anyone have opinions about any of these hotels? Thanks for your help.

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