6 Best Tours & Excursions In Dorado, Puerto Rico (2024)

Dorado is an exclusive residential area located on the northern coast of Puerto Rico.

The town is named for its golden beaches, as “Dorado” means golden in Spanish.

I’ve visited Puerto Rico and Dorado many times, so I know how much fun you can have here!

In this article, I will highlight the 6 best tours & excursions in Dorado:


1. Watersports excursions

Dorado offers a wide variety of beaches and experiences for water sports enthusiasts to enjoy.

If you are looking for surfing, kiteboarding, SUP, or foil-boarding excursions, Dorado is the perfect place to experience something unique in the water.

image of a kid surfing
Dorado is a coastal town making it the perfect place to try a new water sport or practice your favorite.

You can choose from a variety of different types of surfing lessons, from beginner to guide, to Step Off. If you have ever dreamed of floating above the water, a foil board excursion could be the one for you.

Most of these excursions are open to people of all skill levels but are best suited for children over 12 years of age.

You can find out more details on the Goodwinds Watersports Center website.

If you would rather relax on the beach, read our guide about the Best Beaches in Dorado.


2. Sportfishing excursion

You can find exciting sport fishing excursions in Dorado for anglers of all levels. 

image showing a guy catches a fish
With options for full or half day trips, you are sure to find a fishing experience in Dorado to suit your needs.

An experienced captain and crew will take you to the best fishing spots in the region, where you’ll have the opportunity to catch a variety of game fish, with different options including Tarpon Fishing, Reef Fishing, and Deep Sea Fishing.

Most companies provide all necessary equipment, including rods, reels, and bait, as well as a fully equipped boat. 

They also offer full-day and half-day trips, as well as custom trips to suit your needs. 

If you love fishing, you’re sure to have a memorable experience in the beautiful waters of Dorado.

Visit Puerto Rico Sportfishing Charters website for more information.


3. Art & history tours

Dorado is a culturally rich destination for tourists seeking to experience the island’s art and history. 

image of wall art in Dorado
Dorado has many cultural street art pieces for visitors to discover.

The Museum Casa del Rey is a traditional house that was built in towns controlled by Spain for the king and queen to stay in whenever they visited the island.

Now, the house has been restored and serves as a museum. You can tour the museum during business hours, Monday through Friday.

image of Casa del Rey Museum
Casa del Rey Museum is a must-see for history buffs.

Culture lovers will find plenty to see and do in Dorado, with a focus on the Spanish and African aspects of Puerto Rican culture. 

The Dorado Museum of Art and History is also a must-see destination, offering an in-depth look at the town’s history and cultural heritage.

If you are interested in more cultural information, read our article about the History of Puerto Rico.


4. Golfing excursions

With its year-round warm weather, beautiful scenery, and exceptional golf courses, Dorado is the perfect destination for your next golf vacation.

One of the most popular courses in Dorado is the East Course at the Dorado Beach Resort & Club. Designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr., this course offers 18 holes of challenging play with breathtaking ocean views.

image of Dorado Beach East Golf Club
Views from the Dorado Beach East Golf Club.

The course has been home to the PGA Tour’s Puerto Rico Open and has hosted many other professional tournaments.

Another must-play course in Dorado is the West Course at the Dorado Beach Resort & Club.

Designed by PGA Tour player Chi Chi Rodriguez, this course offers a unique layout with multiple water hazards and undulating greens. The course is known for its excellent conditioning and challenging holes.

image of St. Regis Bahia Beach & Golf Resort
St. Regis Bahia Beach & Golf Resort.

If you’re looking for a more exclusive golf experience, the Plantation Course at the St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort is a must-play.

This 18-hole course was designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. and offers a tranquil setting with ocean and nature views. The course has been rated as one of the top golf courses in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Dorado also offers many other options for golfers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Dorado has a course that will challenge and delight you.

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5. Bacardi Rum Factory tour

Taking a tour of Casa Bacardi in Cataño is an exciting and educational experience. 

Located just 20 minutes from Dorado, the tour begins with a short film that provides a history of the Bacardi family and their famous rum distillery.

image of Casa Bacardí
Casa Bacardí welcome sign in Cataño, Puerto Rico.

Next, you’ll be taken through the various stages of the rum-making process, including fermentation, distillation, and aging.

image showing the rum-making process
The rum-making process on display at Casa Bacardí.

The tour also includes a visit to the bottling facility and a tasting of the different Bacardi rums.

The tour concludes with a visit to the Casa Bacardi gift shop where you can purchase rum and souvenirs. Overall, the tour offers a unique and fascinating look into the world of rum production and the rich history of the Bacardi family.

For more information, check out our article on the 25 Best Tours in Puerto Rico, where the Bacardi Tour is in the top five.


6. Bioluminescent bay tour

These unique bays are home to millions of microorganisms called dinoflagellates that light up the water at night with a bright blue-green glow.

Puerto Rico has three bio bays, and one of them is located about an hour from Dorado in Fajardo, Laguna Grande.

image of 2 girls kayaking at Laguna Grande Bio Bay
Kayaking the bio bay in Fajardo.

On the tour, you’ll be able to paddle through the water and see the dinoflagellates light up as you move. 

You can also dip your hands and feet in the water, causing a trail of bright blue-green light behind you.

The experience is truly magical and something you will never forget.

You can take a guided kayak tour or a boat tour to see the bay in all its glowing glory.

Check out our article on the 6 Best Bioluminescence Tours in Laguna Grande Bio Bay for more information.



FAQ section

What is the best tour in Dorado Puerto Rico? 

One of Dorado’s most notable experiences is the nearby bioluminescent bay, it is a must-see for those visiting the area.

What is the best tour in Dorado for families? 

Dorado, Puerto Rico is a town steeped in cultural and religious traditions. The annual celebrations and religious festivities that take place in the town provide families with an opportunity to experience the unique culture and heritage of the people of Dorado.


Final thoughts

Dorado is a destination that offers something for everyone, from history buffs to water sports enthusiasts. 

Secluded from the crowds, Dorado offers the perfect blend of privacy and luxury. Just 15 miles (35 minutes) west of the bustling city of San Juan, this charming town is known for being a hideaway for prominent individuals.

Dorado offers a Spanish-inspired small-town feel, a variety of high-end resorts, world-class golf courses, and exclusive dining experiences as well as its natural beauty, outdoor activities, and vibrant culture.

For more information, read our article about the 17 Best Things to Do in Dorado.

6 Best Tours & Excursions In Dorado, Puerto Rico (2024)
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