12 Best Things To Do In Puerto Rico At Night (2024)

The fun in Puerto Rico doesn’t end when the sun goes down.

Half the island’s fun happens at night!

I am from Puerto Rico, so I can tell you that there’s no shortage of fun night-time activities for locals and visitors alike. 

In this article, I will cover the 12 best things to do in Puerto Rico at night:


1. Bioluminescent Bay Tour

Puerto Rico has three bioluminescent bays; the best being located in Vieques.

Bioluminescence is a unique phenomenon that involves living organisms emitting light at night.

image of two women swimming
Image of two women swimming in a bioluminescent bay.

The bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico are filled with a high concentration of bioluminescent plankton that give off light when disturbed at night.

You can see millions of bright sparkles in the water as you kayak through the bay. 

Below is a video showing the bio bay in Vieques:

You can learn more about Puerto Rico’s bio bays in our article Puerto Rico’s Bioluminescent Bays – All You Need To Know


2. Stroll Down Old San Juan

Old San Juan is a beautiful place to walk through no matter the time of day.

image of Old San Juan at night
Old San Juan is the perfect place to take a night walk and enjoy the nice weather.

Most nights, you can find local artists and musicians along the cobbled streets. 

The restaurant and bar scene is unrivaled here, perfect for fun and unforgettable nights. 

Read up on the area in our guide Old San Juan – All You Need To Know.


3. Dance at La Placita

Located in Santurce, this town center is popular with college crowds.

Lots of fun bars and live music make La Placita the perfect spot for young visitors looking to party. 

Here’s a peek at the vibes in La Placita: 

You can learn more about drinking laws in our article covering Drinking Age in Puerto Rico.


4. Visit a Beach

Beaches in Puerto Rico are great to spend entire days in!

image of Rincon at Night
The sun sets over the water on the west coast of Puerto Rico, so head to Rincon, Aguadilla or Cabo Rojo for the best spots to watch.

Swimming at night is amazing with the warm water, and the night sky is always the brightest by the ocean. 

I don’t recommend swimming alone, so buddies or larger groups are always the best ideas for safety!

Take a peek at our 30 Best Beaches for your next visit!


5. Drive-in Movie Theater

Watching the latest blockbuster is even more fun in Arecibo’s drive-in theater.

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A car is required, but once you get there it’s an amazing experience for the whole family.

The lot is wide enough for plenty of cars and visitors.

Couples looking for a fun night can also check out our article on 15 Romantic Things to Do in Puerto Rico.


6. La Parguera

This beach town spot in Lajas is a favorite for locals on Puerto Rico’s southwest coast.

Check out the night drone view of Lajas in the following video:

Local artisans and food stalls line the water, with live music and a fun atmosphere.

La Parguera is a free, family-friendly spot perfect for large groups with smaller children.

Below is a video of someone visiting La Parguera:

As a fun bonus, La Parguera has one of Puerto Rico’s 3 bioluminescent bays. You can read more about it in our La Parguera Bio Bay article. 

Some tours allow visitors to swim in the water, so make sure to book these in advance!


7. Distrito T-Mobile

This modern spot near San Juan boasts 10 unique food spots, an arcade, live music, and a movie theater.

Prices can be a bit steep but the location and fun energy are worth it for one of the best hang-out spots on the island. 

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Read all about this location in our guide to the T-Mobile District.


8. Las Calles in Mayaguez

Similar to La Placita, Las Calles is a popular college spot located in Mayaguez.

It’s usually busiest on Thursdays, but weekdays are a great time to visit all the bars and restaurants with smaller crowds.

Below is a video showing a glimpse of Mayaguez at night:

Parking can be difficult, so getting there early or using a rideshare app is recommended. 


9. Town Festivals 

Puerto Rico has festivals year-round celebrating food, plants, saints, and more.

image showing St. Sebastian Street Festival at night
Sebastian Street Festival in Old San Juan at night.

No matter when you visit, there’s always going to be a festival nearby full of music, food, and great people.

One of the biggest festivals on the island is Las Sanse in Old San Juan, usually celebrated between January and February.

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Learn more in our guide to Public Holidays, Traditions & Celebrations In Puerto Rico.


10. Have a drink at La Factoría

This bar in San Juan is one of the best spots to try new drinks.

Their huge variety of flavors and great bar food choices make for busy crowds no matter the night.

If you enjoy trying new drinks, you can’t miss this unique and popular bar.

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11. Have dinner 

Puerto Rican cuisine is full of rich, flavorful dishes that you have to try.

If you come around Christmas time, make sure to try our traditional roasted pork and rice with beans.

Check out the top foods you must try in Puerto Rico in the following video:

There’s still a huge culinary variety year-round; check out our 3 Best Local Food Tours for some ideas! 


12. Chinchorreo

Kiosk or bar hopping is known as Chinchorreo on the island. Most of these small spots are open late into the night and offer a wide variety of drinks and local foods.

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Keep an eye out for spots with karaoke and game nights if you want an extra level of fun!


FAQ section

What is there to do in Puerto Rico at night?

From dancing to discovering nature, or just having a drink; there’s no shortage of things to do in Puerto Rico at night.

Can you walk the beach at night in Puerto Rico?

Yes! Beaches are open 24/7, but remember to stay aware of your surroundings no matter the time of day. 


Final thoughts

If you’re spending the night in Puerto Rico, visiting a bioluminescent bay is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

You can learn more about Puerto Rico’s bio bays in our article Puerto Rico’s Bioluminescent Bays – All You Need To Know.

I recommend that you also read our article When Is The Best Time To See Bioluminescence In Puerto Rico before booking your trip.

If you are looking for the best bars and nightlife, then check out our article Nightlife In Puerto Rico – Where To Go Out 

12 Best Things To Do In Puerto Rico At Night (2024)
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