TV and Cable Stations in Puerto Rico

While Television has not been developed in Puerto Rico for as long as it has been in other areas of the Caribbean, it has certainly made up for lost time. As a territory of the US, Puerto Rico’s communication industry is under the control of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Over a relatively short period of time, this has allowed the country to develop a mega Puerto Rico TV network that now covers the entire country.

Television broadcasts in Puerto Rico are mainly in English and Spanish though there are a few that are broadcast in French. Currently the widespread Television Network has roughly fifty channels from which the average citizen can pick and choose depending on which part of the country they are in. There are four main broadcasting regions – Northern Puerto Rico which is broadcast mainly from Arecibo, Western Puerto Rico which is centered in Mayaguez, Southern Puerto Rico which is focused in Ponce and Eastern Puerto Rico which is of course based in San Juan. Channel Seven is a national channel and is received country wide. Below you will find a basic schedule of the various Channels available in Puerto Rico as well as the city or town in which they are based. We hope that this will give you a better idea of what to expect when you visit this stunning country.

Region Channel Station Location
All 7 WSTE Ponce/San Juan/Mayaguez/Arecibo
North 20 WIMN-CA Arecibo
  54 WCCV-TV Arecibo
West 3 WIPM-TV Mayaguez
  5 WORA-TV Mayaguez
  12 WOLE-TV Aguadilla
  20 WPRU-LP Aguadilla
  22 WNJX-TV Mayaguez
  24 W24CU Aguadilla
  30 WSJP-LP Aguadilla
  32 WELU Aguadilla
  38 WJWN-TV San Sebastian
  44 WVEO Aguadilla
  48 WQSJ-LP Quebradillas
  50 WQHA Aguada
  67 WTPM-LP Mayaguez/Añasco
South 9 WSUR-TV Ponce
  14 WTIN Ponce
  20 WKPV Ponce
  22 WXWZ-LP Guayama
  26 WQTO Ponce
  42 WIRS Yauco
  46 WIDP Guayama
  48 WVOZ-TV Ponce
East 2 WKAQ-TV San Juan
  4 WAPA-TV San Juan
  6 WIPR-TV San Juan
  11 WLII Caguas/San Juan
  13 WORO-TV Fajardo
  15 WSJN-CA San Juan
  18 WTCV San Juan
  24 WJPX San Juan
  28 WVQS-LP Vieques
  30 WSJU-TV San Juan
  34 WRUA Fajardo
  36 WDWL Bayamón
  40 WMTJ Fajardo
  44 W44CK Bayamón/San Juan
  52 WRFB Carolina
  58 WUJA Caguas
  64 WECN Naranjito
  68 WVSN Humacao


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