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  • Pasteles

    Does anyone know of a place that makes pasteles and can send to the states. I am in Minnesota and I have not had pasteles in years. I am so hungry for them. Please respond and let me know.

    thank you

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    i'm here to help

    if you need the recipe for pasteles i can give it to you and goya now sell's frozen pasteles and i believe you can get them or the ingredients there the site is called grocery. email me if you would like the recipe I've been there myself sweetie i grew up in new york i was used to pasteles during the holidays until i moved to virginia but now i make them myself. not bad for a single puerto rican male. ifoumd the recipe on jibaro .com and so i copyed it for you and here it is. tu amigo boricuaroman2000
    Filling: two pounds boneless lean pork meat
    six tablespoons sour orange juice.
    In a pilón, crush and mix:
    4 sweet chili peppers,w/o seeds
    2 large cloves garlic, peeled
    2 tbsp whole dried oregano
    1 tbsp salt
    4 fresh culantro leaves
    Cut into cubes 1 lb lean cured ham
    1 green pepper, seeded]
    1 onion, peeled
    1 can garbanzos, inc. liquid =1 cup water
    24 green olives, stuffed with pimientos,
    11/2 tbsp capers
    6 tbsp Achiote
    Wash and dry pork meat. Cut into very small cupes. Mix meat with sour orange juice.
    Add the crushed chili peppers, garlic, oregano, culantro leaves and salt.
    Add also ham, onion and green pepper.
    In a sauacepan, bring to a boil everything including garbanzos, and water. Drain the liquid over the meat mixture . Remove skins from chickpeas and add chickpeas to the meat mixture.
    Add olives and capers.
    Add ingredients all together, mix well, cover and set in refrigerator until the masa is ready.

    4lbs white yautia, peeled
    4 lbs yellow yautia, peeled
    15 green bananas , peeled and rinsed in salted water
    2 cups lukewarm milk
    1 1/4 cups(10 oz) Achiote
    2 1/2 tbsp salt
    Wash, drain, grate the yautias and bananas. Crush gradually in a pilón the yautias and bananas. Mix in a bowl with lukewarm milk to make a smooth masa paste. Add the achiote and salt, mix well , cover and set aside.
    Use twenty bundles of plantain leaves. They should be long and wide.
    With a knife, remove the central ridge to give greater flexibility to the leaves. Divide leaves into pieces, about 12 inches square. Wash and clean leaves with a damp cloth
    Place 3 tbsp of the masa on a leaf and spread it out thinly, Place 3tbsp of the filling in the center of the masa Fold the leaf one half over the other to make a top and bottom layer of plantain leaf and enclose the content s in it. Fold it once more. Fold the right and left ends of the leaf toward the center.
    Tie the pasteles together in pairs, with a string, placing folded edges facing each other.
    In Large pot, bring to a boil 5 qts of water with 3 1/2 tbsps salt. Add 12 pasteles and boil, covered, for one hour. Halfway, turn over pasteles. After the hour, remove pasteles from the water at once. Repeat for the rest of the pasteles.

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      Hi angelfire

      Go to I don't know if they still sell pasteles but at least they used to. Good Luck! I know of a Lady in ST.Paul that makes pasteles and sells them to a store near by. She only makes them for Christmas. If you want to I can let you know if she's still making them. I know you probably want to eat them now but Christmas it's around the corner :-)


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        Getting Pasteles in the States

        Hola Angelfire.
        I live in California which is the only place I can think of (besides New York and Miami) that has pasteles.
        My family comes from Puerto Rico and Hawaii (which explains why I live in Cali) And most of the time (a mi casa y mi Abuelitos casa) We eat THE GOOD STUFF!! Since I'm away from home and in college I've only been able to eat what Grandma sends down! But it is great.
        I feel very sorry for you that you have not has a pastele in years...Here is the secret....There is a place where I use to live in the Bay Area that sells pasteles. they're very good! My family knows the Lady that owns it (I think she's related to us or something. She also cooks the pasteles herself. The place is in:
        Hayward, Ca. (near San Francisco)
        Name: The Pastele Factory
        They run about $2.00 a pastele and there are also meals available! If you need more info, please let me know!
        Puerto Rico The Best,


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          P.S. Pasteles

          Oh yeah, My sisters and I have made it a point to keep out family and cultural traditions...So we make a HUGE bach of Pasteles 3 times a year! )


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            Miami and New York as the only places to get Pasteles besides Cali? Wow. I think Boricua_Castillo is forgetting Philadelphia and Chicago. The person in Minnesota should contact the Puertorican rest. in south Chicago that makes Pasteles year round, and may even send some frozen to Minnesota. Minny is out of the way, but you don;t have to go all the way to Miami, NY or Puerto Rico for them. I'm eating some right now.....


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              Productos La Aguadillana (pasteles)


              Productos La Aguadillana started processing online orders for pasteles. They pack them in special boxes and by what I've heard, they are arriving still frozen to all parts of the US mainland. Not sure if they are already sending them to Alaska & Hawaii.

              Visit and read more about it.

              Hope this helps.


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                Cintron inc. in California makes pasteles all year round.
                Packed in coolers with ice or dry ice and delivered overnight contact through email for more details.......servicing all of the us.


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                  CHULISNAPPY.COM drop ships pasteles to your home.

                  Puertorican's not for Christmas anymore!

                  Are you home sick? Do you miss mami's home cooked meals? Do you hate when the holidays arrive because you can't have a traditional meal? Welcome to the only page and company that offers "Original" PASTELES from Puerto Rico.

                  We at Chulisnappy understand that PASTELES are very important to "El Boricua". Not only is it hard to make but it is hard to find all year round, unless of course you live in Puerto Rico. If you live in California, good luck in finding a restaurant. If you live in New York, you need better luck to find a good restaurant that makes them the right way. If you live in Miami, if it's not Cuban, you won't find them. If you live in the MidWest, GOOD LUCK!!!!

                  Because of the shortage of PASTELES in the U.S., we decided to save all Puerto Ricans living here in the states.

                  WELCOME to the new home of CHULISNAPPY.COM!


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                    go to and see if they will ship


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                      i was looking for a web site that sold pasteles guess what i found one so i placed a order best pasteles that i ever tasted.They were made with bananna leaves lots of meat and lots of flavor try them for your self you won't be disapointed go to


                      I KNOW YOU WILL THANK ME AFTERWARDS! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!


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                        my name is genoveva.and i just wanted to know if anyone knew where i could find platano leaves to make stationed here in germany with the military and i cant find anything.if someone would tell me where i can find it please let me know.



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                          hola genoveva; mi nombre es sylvia,yes la primera vez que entro en este sitio.tu quieres saber donde comprar hojas de platano,y yo vivo en la florida y aqui las tienen casi todos los patios, pero yo no tengo casa propia y las compro congeladas de la marca goya.hay otra compania que tambien las vende pero no recuerdo si es Badia o cual, pero si quieres me escribes y te puedo dar mejor si quieres puedes envolver los pasteles en papel para pasteles, que es lo que mas yo he usado antes de encontrar las hojas,pero tambien he usado papel de gusta saber de mis compatriotas,pues yo estoy buscando a mi hermano Jaime silva Jr.cuidate,que Dios te proteja,si crees en dios. y si te puedo servir de algo mas me das un mensaje.MI NOMBRE EN EL SITIO(WEB SITE) ES dedik.


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                            hola a todos;EN 1er.LUGAR quiero saber si somos tan boricuas comunicandonos en un sitio de puertorriquenos,porque escriben en ingles?es la primera vez que veo este sitio y me siento un poco mas cerca de mi bella isla,la cual no veo por decadas.y me muero con dolor si no vuelvo alla antes de morir.EN 2do.LUGAR quiero saber si alguno vive en la isla porque quiero conseguir vainilla pura,como la que usabamos en casa.pues yo tengo y no tengo familia alla,porque no los de los LEONES DE PONCE.Y LA FAMILIA SILVA.YO LE ENVIO EL DINERO NECESARIO PARA LOS GASTOSANTES DE QUE ME ENVIEN NADA.Y me pueden ensenar como poner la rayita encima de la n.gracias a todos y a la orden su amiga,dedik.Sylvia.


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                              Originally posted by angelfire View Post
                              Does anyone know of a place that makes pasteles and can send to the states. I am in Minnesota and I have not had pasteles in years. I am so hungry for them. Please respond and let me know.

                              thank you
                              Make them yourself:
                              I have the machine, it is dual purpose one, it does masa with our pat. pending disk and
                              at the same time you can use it as a regular food processor Black & Decker compatible
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                              See the machine at

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