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    La Bruja Maldita

    Yes! Omigod, yes! I have these childhood memories of my parents watching it in New York in the '60s. The show would start off as you wrote, while a voice-over described LA BRUJA'S cave, high "en los Montes Carpetos." The BRUJA would then relate some innocent-sounding tale, like, "They say Don Pedro's daughter left the village to study in Spain. She married there and never returned. . ." Then, all of a sudden, the BRUJA would shriek "Mentira! Mentira! Todo fue una asquerrosa mentira!!" Then that week's epsidoe would relate what ghastly fate REALLY happened to Don Pedro's daughter (or whatever the plot was that week.)

    Truly scary stuff. I'd love to get my hands on some video-tapes of the show (if, indeed, they even exist), just to see what impact they'd have on me now, as an adult.

    Thanks for bringing back the memory!

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  • JaneMas
    started a topic Who Remembers....

    Who Remembers....

    A show on Spanish Telemundo TV (eastcoast) called "La Bruja Maldita"? It was on during the late 60's. That show started with a intro scene..witch, skull and rat introducing the weekly scary 2 story half hour show. Am I imagining this show since everyone I asked hasn't heard or never seen it?