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A ? for all New York citizens

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  • A ? for all New York citizens

    Well i guess all of you saw “The Sex and The City” at least once or twice…………
    So i wonder if the life in New York is like it’s shown in this serias? To tell the truth it doesn’t seem real at all. What can you say?
    By the way what do man think about this series? I’ve got a friend in Ireland where The Sex and The City is ……or was honestly i don’t know if it’s still on in Ireland…….and his boss is very angry with all women who watch this series. It’s funny but he thinks that a decent women shouldn’t watch it.

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    I live in Connecticut but I visit the City a lot, by myself and with a group of friends.
    Maybe not in this case but a lot of TV production companies, because of expenses, film some key scenes in the city and the rest is actually done in California inside a studio. Is very expensive to film in NYC. The same thing happened with CHEERS where the only thing Boston was the shot of the front of the building and the rest was produced in Burbank.
    The city is a great place to visit and there are things to do all the time, especially if you are interested in the arts, sports or all kinds of entertainment, and excellent restaurants. A good source of info is The New Yorker, which has all the comings and goings in NYC and also the New York Times. We have a group of people and once a month we take the train from Connecticut, visit the latest museum exhibition, catch a play in Broadway and then go to one of the fine restaurants in the city, or go see the Yankees or the Mets or a show at Madison Square Garden. At the Museo del Barrio they always have some interesting exhibit of latinoamerican culture and art. Some times the street entertainers are the best show in town. And since the city has an excellent transportation system there is no need to look for parking or drive around (both activities could be an adventure in themselves). Like every big city there are dangers involved and you should get acquainted with some survival skills to navigate the city if you care to visit.
    I have never watched SATC .


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      Thanks for your short e-tour…………….I’m sure that i’d like NYC!


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        Not many movies or TV shows portray their cities of focus in the same way that people actually live in them. I love the show Sex and the City and I lived in NYC for 13 years. There are New Yorkers who live like those four women do, but there are also many who don't. The show mostly takes place in Manhattan, but NYC is made up of four other burroughs where over 6 million people live. There are so many different neighborhoods, some ethnically mixed, some segregated that give a "native flavor" in all 5 burroughs. Not all of NYC looks like SoHo or the Upper East Side. I love NYC, there's so much to experience. To actually know it is to experience it;go!


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          I am in the film industry and a lot of times what it is done is that we go on location and shoot and then we go to the studio set an shoot the inside scenes. sometimes a part of a city can be build in a studio but I do not think that that’s the way they do it on satc they probably go on location or build a little part of the street and then key in the city in the editing process is hard to know these days. If you ask me I think they probably go on location where is always cheaper to shoot and they not necessarily go to the city only a place that resembles it. Also stock footage is used and that is that they buy footage libraries and use them and then all the do is shoot the interiors like they did with cheers and a lot of sitcoms.