San Lorenzo – A Great Vacation Destination

Situated in the eastern region of Puerto Rico, San Lorenzo is an interesting municipality spread out over ten different wards. The city center and administrative downtown area is known as San Lorenzo Pueblo and it is here that the average visitor starts their tour of San Lorenzo. This fascinating little Puerto Rican town is not first on everyone’s list of things to see but it certainly shouldn’t be last either.

Locally San Lorenzo is called ‘El Pueblo de los Samaritanos’ which, when translated, means ‘the town of the Samaritans’. This may well be a reference to the good-natured characteristic of the people who live here since they are all friendly and welcoming. The town was founded in 1811 under the name San Miguel de Hato Grande though after time it was seen fit to change it to its current name. It was founded by Valeriano Munoz de Oneca and it is situated near the Cayey Mountain Range which only adds to its beauty. Once famed for its tobacco and sugar cane farming, this ever-growing city has spread to the extent that most farming activities have fallen to the wayside. Instead you will find a bustling city complete with every type of shop and commodity imaginable. Today the main industries in San Lorenzo are the manufacture of clothing and footwear, the production of pharmaceuticals, electromechanical equipment and the making of various kinds of paints.

Tourism is growing in San Lorenzo and there are quite a few things here to see and do. One popular attraction that should be treated with due respect is that of the Santuario de la Virgen Del Carmen en la Santa Montana (the sanctuary of the Virgen Carmen in Santa Montana). This holy mountain is decked out with all kinds of religious emblems that have deep meaning to the people of San Lorenzo. Other attractions include the Priscilla Flores Theatre, the Rio Grande de Loiza and the Quintana Ranch. There is also the San Carlos Cockfight Club for those that enjoy that sort of thing. The Iglesia Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes is a registered national monument with religious significance which was built in 1737 and which is also worth visiting. San Lorenzo is situated just over 25 miles from San Juan and it takes less than an hour to reach by road.

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