The Butterfly Gallery: One of Old San Juan’s Finest

One of the more unusual art galleries you can visit while staying in the city of San Juan is the Butterfly Art Gallery situated in 257 Calle De La Cruz in the center of historic Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Butterfly Art Gallery was first formed in 1970 and is now situated in a magnificent colonial mansion. The architecture of this mansion is beautiful and is indicative of a strong Spanish influence. The stunning display inside its walls features a kaleidoscope of butterfly artwork that literally covers all the walls and rooms of the building. The Butterfly Art Gallery specializes in unique artistic creations which incorporate a variety of specially preserved butterflies. The art ultimately accentuates the beauty of these delicate and colorful creatures. While you are there you can also enjoy a light meal at the café where an array of delectable international fare is served.

The butterfly artwork featured here is designed and created using real butterflies, most of which originate in the tropics. You can be assured that these amazing art pieces only feature butterflies that have died naturally on commercial breeding farms and ranches all over the world, where they are bred and looked after till they die. All of this is activity takes place under the watchful guidance of the US Fish and Wildlife Service who supplies the farms with permits and licenses. The amazing thing about the artwork created by Butterfly People is that the breathtaking natural beauty of these creatures is captured in a moment that will last forever as part of your butterfly collection or as an art piece.

In addition to the superb collection, you will find that beautiful butterfly boxes have been put together to provide you will unique and interesting gifts or pieces for your home. If you prefer something a little different, you can purchase artwork featuring these exotic and colorful butterflies which are done in either acrylic or Lucite and which bear the engraved signature of the Butterfly People. This form of preservation also ensures that the beauty of the butterfly will last forever if looked after properly. If you are not keen to purchase an artwork, you are still more than welcome to come and view the world’s biggest and most varied butterfly collection. This is a place where you can discover more species of butterfly than you could have ever imagined possible, so visit the Butterfly Art Gallery today and prepare to be completely enchanted.

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