Stunning Theaters Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico boasts a bustling nightlife. While some head to clubs and beach parties, many people enjoy watching performances at local Puerto Rican theatres while holidaying in the country. There are many different genres to choose from, including contemporary performing arts, ballet, comedy and tragedy.

There are several theaters in Puerto Rico worth visiting, so be sure to see what shows will be taking place during your visit.

Del Parque Theater:

As one of the primary theaters in San Juan, the Del Parque Theater features a wide variety of performances from ballet through to drama, and from comedy through to tragedy. The majority of the performances are presented in Spanish, which is the predominant language of the area.

Located on Del Parque Street, San Juan – Telephone: (787) 723-9596

Luis A. Ferrè Performing Arts Center:

This busy center features three main halls, which are often all fully booked out for performances which include ballet, music concerts, plays and operas. Since it opened in 1981, this architectural marvel has become a key element in the performing arts community of San Juan.

Located on Ponce de León Ave in Santurce, San Juan – Telephone: (787) 724-4747

Munoz Marin Amphitheater:

The temperate climate of this area is well suited to hosting events in outdoor venues and particularly in the summer months, the amphitheater comes alive with a variety of performances that audiences can enjoy while they marvel at the multi-hued sunsets in this lovely outdoor setting.

Located in the Muñoz Marín Park in San Juan – Telephone: (787) 728-2022

Teatro la Perla:

Housed in a 19th century neoclassical building, the Teatro la Perla, with its outstanding acoustics, hosts numerous world-class productions throughout the year. The theater hosts the annual Festival de Teatro Luis Torres Nadal, which is dedicated to the renowned playwright and features productions presented by local theater groups.

Located at Calle Mayor and Calle Christina, Ponce – Telephone: (787) 843-4080

Teatro Tapia:

This beautifully preserved horseshoe-shaped opera house was built in 1824 and has served as a venue for many cultural events and theatrical productions. The three tiers of original and replicated wooden seats can seat around 700 people. The historic ambiance is reminiscent of a time when life was a lot slower and more relaxed than today.

Located on Fortaleza Street, San Juan – Telephone: (787) 721-0169

Teatro Yaguez:

The theater building, which was completed in 1909, is considered to be an architectural masterpiece. The Teatro Yaguez has hosted, and continues to host, operas, music concerts, orchestral performances and various genres of dance.

Located at McKinley and Basora Streets, Mayaguez – Telephone: (787) 833-5195

It is important to remember that usually the performances in Puerto Rico are performed in the strongest language of choice for that region of the island. The vast majority of performances are certainly held in Spanish, though you may find some in English from time to time and some in French in some parts of the island. Even if you do not necessarily understand the language so well, you can usually enjoy the performance based on what you see and hear, so don’t let this put you off enjoying the theatre the next time you are in Puerto Rico.

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