Spectacularly Inspiring Art of Carlos Irizarry

When it comes to sportsmen, artists, musicians and writers, there are always a select few in each country that are able to captivate an international audience and generate positive publicity for themselves and their homeland. In Puerto Rico, many such people have emerged throughout its history, and one of them is Carlos Irizarry. He is known around the world as one of the most talented engravers and painters of our time.

Born in 1938 in the city of Santa Isabel, in Puerto Rico, Carlos Irizarry moved to New York to further his education in art and develop his talent as a painter at the School of Art and Design. After completing his studies in New York he returned to Puerto Rico in 1966, where he threw himself into the growing graphic art faction. He started experimenting with abstract expressionism and by the time his art was revealed at the Exposicion Internacional del Grabado de Protesta, he won first place in 1972. Carlos Irizarry also co-founded the Centro Nacional de Las Artes en San Juan and taught upcoming artists at the Liga de Estudiantes de Arte. His work started to take a political turn in 1975 with a work of art by the name of “La Transculturacion del Puertorriqueno”, and during the 1980’s his artistic visions produced the painting “Julia de Burgos” in 1983.

Over the years, Carlos Irizarry has become a respected artist, and his work is exhibited and bought locally and internationally. His pieces have graced the walls of the Carvan House Gallery, Museo Del Barrio and Allan Rich Galleries in New York and many Puerto Rican establishments such as the Ponce Museum of Art, Galeria 63, Museum of Fine Arts and the San Juan Museum of Art. He has also taken part in group exhibitions in New York which were hosted by galleries such as the Museum of Modern Art, Hundred Acres Gallery, Independent Curators Inc, Tibor de Nagy Gallery, Associated American Artists and the Harry N. Abrams Gallery. Art Expos across the world have also invited Carlos Irizarry to display his work, exposing his artistic talents to various countries including Cuba, Spain, Poland, Japan, Vienna, Brazil, Yugoslavia, Argentina and Colombia.

Carlos Irizarry continues to reach out to the public through his masterful work. Creating beauty from his imagination and sharing it with the world in vivid colors and the skillful stroke of his paintbrushes. No doubt this magnificent artist will remain a significant part of Puerto Rico and its art industry for years to come.